At the crux of my creative process is the conceptualization and manifestation of time in multiple forms. My work immerses the viewer into a world where time is stretched or exaggerated in order to emphasize how these moments shift our senses and play with perception. Sensations such as thrill and fear, the loss of control, as well as the idea of potential in ruin and ritualistic responses to the outside world, interplay through varying mediums. I tend to emphasize the moment when everything might collapse, explode or become tenuous.

Through creating various lenses into imagined worlds, a shift of what is real and what is perceived is depicted through portals and slivers of built and simulated environments. Through video, sculpture and performance, I have used my practice to channel the behaviors of the isolated and the means and ways one builds a relationship to the awareness of time.

By creating new worlds within painting, sculpture and installation I question if progress within a system is really a change for the better or if it an epidemic causing an inevitable breakdown due to our obsession with moving forward. What results are works that form new relationships and meanings while questioning how chaos manifests itself within these worlds.